Web Dev / Design

June 22nd, 2017

My goal is to create a responsive site from scratch, on my own. Sure there's places like Wordpress that offers little work to produce great results, but this is simply a personal goal I want to succeed in.

Let me first clear up the fact that I did copy this code from codeacademy.com's responsive design lesson. (All artwork on this page - unless specified otherwised - were made by me.) Since I'm not profiting from this and am simply learning from the coding to improve my own skills, I felt comfortable enough to share that. To further assist myself in coding, I'm also using both https://jsfiddle.net/ and https://codepen.io/ whenever it may benefit me. Once I gain an understanding on how the little bits and pieces play as well as work together, I'll write up something made solely by me.

Anything related to drawing/graphics, programming, and computers in general are all self-taught skills. A hobby of mine is keeping up-to-date with (and hopefully owning some of) the newest electronics, gaming consoles, etc. You used to be able to find my nose buried deep in a book. To this day, people call me Voldemort since my nose is still in that same book. My eyes are too busy being glued to screens to bother looking for it.